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FDA Approved KN95 Facemasks Wholesale

Who is really selling safe and effective facemasks?

You’ve probably seen endless ads on Facebook and Instagram from unknown suppliers, shipping from unknown locations.  These suppliers are impossible to trust and deliver an unreliable product.

During these uncertain times the Clark Collection has leveraged it’s 25 years of sourcing experience to provide quick and cost effective delivery of FDA approved KN95 facemasks.

Clark has sold over 200,000 KN95 masks in April to customers including hardware stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, fire departments, property management companies, correctional centers, hospice and nursing homes.

Trust the Clark Collection to keep your co-workers and customers safe.

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How Does The Clark Collection Protect Is Customers?

Onsite Management
We have a permanent sourcing office in Asia – manned by our trusted project managers. We have staff onsite with our factory-partners. (How many online masks brokers can make that claim?)

FDA Registration
Our suppliers are all registered with the US FDA. And, equally important, our suppliers are all designated vendors on the FDA’s / CDC’s Emergency Use Authorization List. All suppliers are fully vetted.

The Clark Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of our products – and put that guarantee in writing. We have literally eliminated any risk


About the Clark Collection

  • The Clark Collection is an American-owned Company with 25 years of sourcing and procurement experience.

  • We are an ethical and trusted supplier to some of the most respected names in the USA.

Like you, we are battling Covid-19 with a determination to serve the best interest of our Country.  I am the president of The Clark Collection. I am here to guarantee the quality and authenticity of our products. And, I am always here to respond to your concerns.



Geoffrey Carroll