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About the Clark Collection

The Clark Collection story began out of friendship of two Americans who traveled to Beijing, China over 25 years ago.  One to learn Chinese culture and one to teach American culture.

We combined the skills of a seasoned American business professional with a former US Marine Officer. And to round-out our trio, we were blessed to have a Beijing local with an uncanny ability to navigate Asia’s manufacturing landscape.

The three of us were indeed very different people, but that was our strength.  

Our mood was bright and hopeful. We had something special, and we knew it. Our vision combined the unique talents and resources of 2 powerful cultures.

Our Goal is to combine the best of both cultures and deliver highly profitable product solutions to our clients.

Today we can give you the most direct & lowest price in the marketplace, and we will combine it with US management and quality control. Truly the best of both worlds.

How can we help you improve your margins and source with peace of mind?  We are here for you.

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