Missing this year's Hong Kong & Canton fairs? Let our US & China based teams source for you!

Services & Resources

The Clark Collection manufactures & develops:
  • High quality machined parts – investment casting / 3D designs
  • Custom home décor & giftware
  • Promotional products & souvenirs
  • Pet supplies
  • Outdoor & Office furniture

Our Services

- Brand Development
- Custom Manufacturing
- Product Design & Development
- Industrial Sourcing
- Packaging Solutions
- Fulfillment & Distribution

Our Process

  1. Protect and Celebrate Creativity
    Nothing is more precious than the creative component you bring to your product, packaging or design. We have thrived for over 25 years, by supporting some of the biggest retailers in the USA, and protecting their proprietary ideas and designs.

  2. Quality
    Our pricing is direct from Asia, but our approach to quality is 100% based on American standards. Our quality control inspectors apply the most rigorous inspection measures and we guarantee that each order will meet your standards. And if it does not (highly unlikely), we will take it back – no questions – no debate – no disagreements.  We guarantee everything.

  3. Product Safety
    An uncompromising & obsessive commitment to making sure your products are safe & compliant with regulations (including Prop 65).

  4. Peace-of-Mind
    Our most important service is simply solving headaches in Asia and eliminating the ambiguity & uncertainty that so often hurts overseas sourcing.